Register list in the list of Arbitrators and Experts

Definition of Terms
Article (1)
The following terms are defined in the text inserted towards it:
In the implementation of the provisions in this list .
The system: the system of the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration.
The Center: the Libyan center for International Commercial Arbitration (LCICA).
The List: Register List Procedures in the list of arbitrators and Experts .
The Chairman: Council chairman at the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration.
Director General: Director General of the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration .
The Applicant: Any man or women who wants his name to be registered in the List of arbitrators or experts.
The Arbitrator: registered in the Arbitrators list.
The Expert: registered in the Experts list.
Arbitrators list: A list that is divided to two categories contains the names of Arbitrators with their different jurisdictions.
List of Experts: A list contains the names of accredited Experts in their fields of expertise.

Article (2)
The provisions of this list shall apply to Arbitrators and Experts and each applicant for new membership as an arbitrator or expert.

The first chapter
Organizational proceedings
Article (3)
The Table of arbitrators and experts shall be organized according to the different nationalities and competencies, in accordance with the requirements of commercial disputes settlement.

Article (4)
The applicant may apply for registration, either in the roster of arbitrators or the roster of experts, by filling out the specially prepared application form accompanied by copies of the required certificates and papers deposited in the control office of the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration. Which shall be referred to the Selection Committee of Arbitrators, to consider the application for registration within a maximum period of 3 days. The Committee shall decide on the application for registration within 15 days from the date of receipt of the application for registration.
The applicant must be notified of the acceptance or rejection of the application, and if the applicant does not agree, the applicant must pay membership fees.

Article (5)
The Director- General shall approve the acceptance of registration arbitrators’ names and experts, no later than five days from the date of receipting the committee approval of the candidate file for registration.

Article (6)
The Center shall submit to the arbitrator or the expert a registration certificate and professional card, indicating the name, type, number and the date of commencement and termination of membership. And professional specialization branch with all other necessary data.

Article (7)
The applicant has the right to appeal to the chairman of Board of Directors no later than fifteen days from the notification date of the rejection decision, the grievance shall be included in the grievances register at the Control Office and shall be submitted by the Director General to the Chairman.

Article (8)
The applicant shall be notified of the decision of the President within 15 days from the date of filing the grievance in the register. The decision issued by the President of the Council shall be considered as a final decision that is not subject to appeal.

The Second Chapter
Terms of Membership
Article (9)
The membership of the arbitrators shall be divided into two categories:
Category 1: Honorary Membership:
Honorary membership of eminent persons, including judges, lawyers, judges, senior jurists, presidents of associations and legal societies, shall report on their significant contributions both in the field of arbitration in general and their prominent role in the dissemination of the culture of arbitration by their writings and practical participation, on the recommendation of the Secretary General Administration and Vice-President.
Category II: Membership of the Authorized Arbitrator:
The membership of the accredited arbitrator shall be granted to the applicant who fulfills the conditions stipulated in Article (11) of these Regulations.

Article (10)
Conditions to be met by the applicant
In the list of arbitrators, the applicant must:
1. He must have a bachelor's degree in any foreign equivalent or specialization.
2. He must have a license to practice arbitration and has participation as arbitrator in an arbitration case at least, or to pass the preparatory program prepared by the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration.
3. be fully qualified.
4. He should not have been sentenced to a penalty of honor and honesty.
5. It shall not be prohibited for him to work .

Article (11)
Without prejudice to the conditions that must be met by the applicant for the membership of the approved arbitrator, the Director-General may exempt the applicant from some or all of the courses of the qualification program of the arbitrators, based on the evidence presented by the applicant, which requires consideration of the possibility of his exemption or on the basis of his scientific certificates or practical experience gained.

Article (12)
A person applying for membership in the roster of experts in all its branches must meet the following conditions:
1. Be a holder of Baclorys in any recognized foreign jurisdiction or certificate that is consistent with the type of experience for which listing is required.
2. To be in compliance with the laws required to practice the profession subject matter of experience.
3. To be fully qualified and not to have been sentenced to a penalty of honor and honesty.

The Third Chapter
The advantages and fees of membership
Article (13)
Honorary membership shall be exempt from payment of any kind of fees.

Article (14)
The membership fee in the list of arbitrators or roster of experts shall be as follows:
For 4 years............................. 400 Libyan Dinars
For 8 years .............................. 600 Libyan Dinars
For 10 years ........................... 800 Libyan dinars

Article (15)
Without prejudice to the provisions of the preceding Article, the Director General may exempt the applicant from paying membership fees for a maximum period of two years in the form of his performance and exceeding the program of qualification and preparation of the arbitrators at the Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration.

Article (16)
A fee of 10 Libyan Dinars shall be paid for each statement or certificate of membership loss.

Article (17)
The Center offers the following advantages and procedures:
1. Presenting the list of arbitrators and of experts on the Center’s website.
2. Appointment of the accredited arbitrators in disputes ‘cases before the Center, after the approval of the parties, and after taking the Director General’s opinion in the appointment, taking into account the subject matter of the dispute.
3. Present the table of arbitrators to the parties to select the arbitrators.
4. Provide the arbitration panel with the roster of experts upon their request.
5. Sending a letter to the state’s chamber of the acquired membership, whether listed in the Panel of Arbitrators or Experts, to be accepted as a member and type of membership. The Chamber shall be requested to circulate its name on the database of the chamber’s members.
6. To submit a letter to the Ministry of Justice in the member’s country stating that he is accepted as a member and type of membership and a request to publish his name in the Ministry's magazine or bulletin.
7. Provide the member with the Center's internal publications (Journal of Arbitration).
8. Obtain a reduced fee when participating in the Center's activities and events.
9. Giving priority to the member to submit the papers of conference and the Center's meetings.
10. Give priority to the member to publish his research and legal articles and printing.

Fourth chapter
General provisions
Article (18)
The membership is expired upon the end of its term. The arbitrator or expert wishing to renew his membership shall pay the membership fee for the new term.

Article (19)
The membership of the arbitrator or expert who is arrear to pay for the membership renewal shall be suspended for more than three months. Upon payment of the renewal fee, the suspension period shall be deducted from the membership term.

Article (20)
The membership of the arbitrator or expert shall be suspended if a calendar year has elapsed since the date of suspension of his membership.

Article (21)
Any person who wished to renew his frozen membership had to pay all the amounts due to him during the period of freezing his membership or apply for a new membership in the table of arbitrators or experts, and pay the fee prescribed, and in this case a new registration number.

Article (22)
The Board of Directors may, by a decision of the Board of Directors, drop the membership of any member registered in the roster of arbitrators or experts if it is proved that the Center has been publicly abused or later sentenced to a crime of honor or honesty.

Article (23)
A member of the Board of Directors may be included in the jury or roster of experts, as long as the required conditions are met.

Article (24)
These regulations shall be effective as of March 2017, and the conditions of registration in the table of arbitrators and the roster of experts in force prior to the issuance of these regulations shall be suspended.