Article (1)
The estimated registration fee is at US $ 500.

Article (2)
The costs of emergency measures including the administrative expenses of the Center, and the fees of the emergency arbitrator.
The expenses shall be paid in advance, unless the General Director finds otherwise after consultation with the Chairman of the Board.

Article (3)
The Libyan Center for International Commercial Arbitration sets the administrative expenses at US $ 5,000. The arbitrator's fees are set at US $ 15,000.
During the proceedings, the General Director may increase the amount of administrative expenses and the fees of the Emergency Arbitrator, taking into account the origin value of dispute, the efforts made by the Emergency Arbitrator and the necessary legal expenses.
In the absence of payment by the party that has submitted the request for emergency measures during the determined period by the General Director; the request for emergency measures shall be withdrawn.

Article (4)
The decision issued by the emergency arbitrator shall determine the amount of the expenses and fees of the emergency arbitrator, and the party that bears the legal expenses, or the percentage amount of each of them.

Article (5)
If the arbitrator's procedures are suspended before the emergency arbitrator's decision is issued, the General Director shall determine the amount to be returned to the party who requested the emergency measures, if any. In all cases, US $ 5,000 is not reimbursed which are administrative expenses.